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How to login

By far the easiest way to login to your Grand Exchange is by using your RuneScape login. To do this first startup GEChecker and open the "RS Login" tab. Now enter your RuneScape login details and hit OK. Your details are then sent straight to Jagex to be authorized. Once the program has finished authorizing (Once "Complete" is in bold) hit the close button, your login details will now be automatically inputted into the other tab, now click ok and you're in :)

If you do not wish to enter your details into GEChecker (some people can be funny like that :P) or if the RS login is not working properly please follow the following guide.

How to get your toolbar ID code

1. Navigate to

2. Login using your Runescape details

3. Tick the check box and click the Authorize button

4. Navigate to

5. Type the following into your address bar and click enter


6. Take the number following "toolbar_code=", this code is your toolbar auth code

7. Start GEChecker, now enter your user name into the User name textbox and your authorization code into the other, click remember my details if you wish and then hit ok

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